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The World

Three millennia ago, Feneryss was a world once densely populated by a rich diversity of plant and animal life and dominated by a thriving mankind on the precipice of great technological progress. A new age was dawning, one of prosperity never before experienced by the civilized world. Then came the Reckoning.

Most of humanity, preoccupied with their technological and societal achievements, were wholly unaware of the dark god Ragnarok. He had established a massive cult and worked them into a zealous frenzy over several centuries. At the height of its power, the entire cult committed mass suicide with the intent to tear a hole in reality, thus allowing Ragnarok to cross over into the world and begin his indefinite reign.

The ritual failed and the dark energies it released ravaged the planet. Untold billions were snuffed out, and the world was left desolate. Unimaginable beings crossed the threshold between worlds and now freely roam the continent. Magic, known as arkäna, bled into the world. The sun was lost, swallowed by clouds of choking ash that encircled the globe. The world's once magnificent oceans boiled away and had been replaced with molten rock. Humanity stood on the precipice of extinction, flailing desperately to keep its balance.

For nearly five hundred years, mankind could focus on little beyond its own survival. Storms of acid rain, powerful blizzards, and wildfires ravaged the struggling soil. Earthquakes tested the fortitude of every man-made structure. Ultraviolet lightning storms wrought witless havoc. They endured the brutal new climate, abided the warpings of reality, and suffered the host of mutations their new world bestowed upon them. Over the centuries, the survivors learned to face the dangers of the new world. Armed with new tools and fresh confidence, men and women ventured out to rediscover their home. It was a rebirth for Humanity— a Second Genesis.

The Game

The Multi-Die System

Shattered implements our in-house die system, which we refer to as the MDS (Multi-Die System). A character's aptitude is known as their Rating and is determined by the sum of a Stat and Skill. Higher Ratings mean greater dice and dice pools for the player to roll. This better simulates a "normal" progression: In the beginning, some things are simply impossible for an untrained novice. For greatly skilled characters, however, even time-consuming tasks become simple.

Experience-based Progression

Characters in Shattered are improved by spending their experience points on their stats, skills, and talents. Improving stats and skills will improve their rating with those tasks as well as unlock access to more powerful talents. Talents are abilities or enhancements to pre-existing abilities that enhance the character's performance in areas such as sword fighting, piloting airships, or social interaction.

Eight Unique Races

The Reckoning took its toll on the people as well as the planet. While a strain of humans remain largely the same as their ancestors, most were transformed by the power of the event and its residual damage. Several subtypes of Human emerged: Alypse, Drones, Shades, Vampires, and Wretched. Arkäna gifted certain powerful souls with the ability to become Rekindled after their death. It also bestowed sapience upon certain fungal colonies, giving birth to the Florvana.

History & Culture

Over the last 3000 years, Feneryss has endured much. Hardy and wise denizens developed stable means of agriculture, constructed great cities, and forged armies. Wars of faith and greed have been wrought. Legends of eldritch creatures and indomitable warriors have been written. The races have developed unique cultures over the centuries which now clash and meld as Feneryans gather in the city-states. Countless historical moments and pieces of intrigue serve as fuel to launch your campaigns or inspire you to weave a new story into the tapestry of Feneryss.


One of Feneryss' greatest achievements to date is the creation of the arkänik drive— or ark-drive for short. It has granted civilization the power of flight by producing forces capable of counteracting the planet's gravity. The city-states and their navies control the vast majority. Very few private citizens own such a vessel. Pirates have also emerged, and their threat grows with each passing day.


The Reckoning was the ultimate test of the fittest and resulted in an ecosystem filled to the brim with hardy and horrifying creatures. Otherworldly beings also crossed the breach in Ragnarok's realm, some unwillingly. A bestiary full of monsters from simple insect swarms to legendary demons and dragons, everywhere one turns is another threat. Also, for the aspiring Lovecraftian architects, a simple guide for creating session-appropriate monsters is also provided.



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