The World

Feneryss, as the world is known, is a place rife with both possibility and peril. Murder, espionage, and political subterfuge pervade all facets of society while, grotesque creatures and nightmarish legends lurk beyond the walls of civilization. Feneryss is a foreboding, devastated world in which civilization endeavors to claw its way through a new technological age. Indeed, this grimdarkopen_in_new roleplaying game will intrigue you in a way no other game has before.

From barren wastes and tundra to bustling cities and derelict ruins from ages past, Feneryss has something in store for everyone, assuming you're brave enough. Born anew from a cataclysmic event called "The Reckoning", remnants of the Old World exist for exploration. But be wary, fiends of every size exist in both the nooks and out in the open. Undead circle the world, hunting for flesh while destroying all that humanity creates.

Will you take to the skies in an airship, plundering all who oppose you? Will you explore the vast ruins of an age nearly forgotten? Or will you defend your home from the Undead Tide? The chose is yours in Shattered.

The Game

Shattered is a Tabletop Role-Playing Gameopen_in_new, or RPG, where players use their imagination to explore a world and roll dice to determine the outcome of their characters.

Shattered employs a classless, experience-driven character creation system in order to allow for endless possibilities and character customization.

To play Shattered, you need at least one d4 (4 sided die), d8 (eight sided die), and d10 (ten sided die) along with one to five d6 (six sided die), a character sheet (see below), a pen or pencil, and a copy of the core rule book.





  • Philip Barousse
  • Cory Conrad
  • James Palumbo
  • Josh Pietrzykowski
  • Alex Robb
  • Cody Wiemholt


  • Arrevanthas
  • BEAR
  • ChaoticSorcerer
  • Gunhaven
  • J-Ro
  • Hhoky
  • Hoodie
  • Kaine
  • Derek Poole
  • SmachiGadget
  • Starmage21
  • Ed Zero